"LRMS Hosted & Network Application Software"

On-line Hosted MULTI-PLATFORM Services for PC and Mac or Standalone Networked PC based Client server library software; BOTH include "Internet Based WebOPAC Library Catalog" for Public Access plus many features and options . See our Brochure for more detail.

Collection size range: LRMS Library software is capable of managing most any quantity of items; this includes the traditional book, magazine, cataloged digital media and in addition non-library materials. G4 is very versatile it will manage anything that requires to be cataloged,circulated and tracked. .
Number of Patrons to be enrolled: G4 will manage small to large numbers of patrons.

Local Server information: Contact LRMS support
Administrative/Circulation Workstations: - PC based with Windows 10.1 OR BETTER,ALSO COMPATIBLE 8.1 or 7 or Vista, and MAC or iPad with Microsoft RDP Client
Access Workstations for the Library Catalog and Classroom, Home, or Office.
Workstation type: Windows8.1, Windows 7 XP, Windows Vista and Mac Operating System (Mac OS 10.1+) requires Microsoft Remote Desktop Version 8.0.39 using any Standard Internet Browser.(IE, Chrome, Netscape+, FireFox, Apple Safari+)

Library Catalog: OPAC or WebOPAC are included - "No" Licensing fees.

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