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The G4 Library Software is an up-to-date, ever-changing, and simple-to-use library program. The programmers at G4 are constantly training themselves to make sure that the software is able to do what larger programs can manage; the principals are wanting to learn and hear ideas to make the product better; and the best sign of their hard word is that G4 is continually easier to use. These changes take place throughout the year. This program is simple to use and the handbook shows step-by-step instructions for any needed clarification. The company always has people on hand if you need a little extra help. I have always left the conversation feeling comfortable with the information received, not like I just asked an unimportant question. I love being treated like an important person. It reminds me to treat my students in the same manner. The people at LRMS, makers of the G4 system, are always looking and listening for ideas to make their product better. They recognize that they work for their clients and they seem to really enjoy it. In turn, I really enjoy interacting with my friends at LRMS. They have often gone above and beyond to make me feel like my problem is their most important one, even though I know it is not. LRMS is actually attached at my hip and would have to be surgically removed before I would change to another company. They are people who care, and I would not change the product, for the customer service is amazing.

Lee Ann J.

I inherited LRMS when I took over the Public Library four years ago. I had been a High School librarian, and had only worked with the really large circulation/cataloging systems companies. Although they were excellent for daily use, if I had a problem, it became quite a hassle! HOWEVER, when I began using LRMS G3 (which was the system when I began here), I discovered a level of customer service that I never imagined existed! The program is quite easy to use, but as with all programs, there are things I need to do that I have never encountered before or have forgotten how to do! ALL I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO WAS SHOOT AN EMAIL TO THE TEAM AT LRMS, AND I HAVE ALWAYS GOTTEN PERSONALIZED, PROMPT ATTENTION TO MY QUESTION! Add to that the constant upgrades the company makes in response to their customers' requests as well as to keep up with the most advanced applications, and the company has my absolute loyalty! I highly recommend this company and its people! They can't be beat!

Pamela A.
Librarian/Public Library Director

I have the privilege of supervising several K-12 school libraries that use the LRMS, Inc. G3/G4 library automation software. We have used both the web-based server software and the local network software. Both are excellent and have met our different needs.

The Support offered by the technical staff at LRMS is excellent. LRMS is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They are available via phone or through live web support. Our needs are immediately met without long wait times. The web-based training offered by LRMS is wonderful. Individualized training can be received as needed and without leaving the library and traveling long distances. We continually see improvement in software support and in new and improved products. LRMS listens to librarians as we offer suggestions of how they could serve us more effeciently. We enjoy using the LRMS library automation software.

Barbara L.
Texas Librarian

I work in a PreK-12 school library. Our school was one of the first to use the LRMS "Genesis" program back in the 1980's. I didn't have a lot of money and needed a program that had Check-out Check-in and the Online Card Catalog all for one price. I looked at many circulation programs; LRMS was the best choice for me. When you call they work to resolve your problem right away. They have always had excellent Customer Service. I also like that I can ask for something to be added to the program and if they think it would be a benefit to everyone using our program they will add it. There are not many companies that will do that. LRMS has been a great company to work with and their G3/G4 Library software is super easy to use and works wonderful.

Rose K.
Library Aide

I absolutely love Genesis G4 software!! This is my seventh year working with G4 in a school library setting. When I first started out in the library I knew nothing about the library system, I would have been lost if it were not for the caring customer support crew at LRMS! I could call anytime, no matter how major or how small my issue was, Al and Trish took care of me right away. I have never been left hanging with a problem. I love that Al can remote in to my computer and help me; he sees what I see. And if you ask him he will even allow you to ‘fix’ the problem as he walks you through it (I’m a hands-on learner.)! Al is continuously looking for ways to improve and upgrade the Genesis G4 system, keeping us up-to-date on the newest improvements and he is very open to suggestions from those of us “out in the field”! If it can be done – Al will get it done! I am very pleased with our Genesis G4 library/textbook system! I’m grateful for the LRMS team and for Al & Trish!

Tandy W.

We have been using Genesis and G4 at Latexo HS and EL for the past sixteen years. I love the software and all that it has to offer. I have been approached several times in the past about going with a different company and I have always fought to stay with Genesis. The program is very user friendly and you could not ask for better customer support. Al and Trish are always so friendly and eager to help you.

Wendi D.

I have been very pleased with the customer service that I have received from LRMS. Tech support always gets right back to me and often they will do a session on my computer so that he can get the problem worked out. During inventory this year I contacted them, and they added several commands into the program which made the process so much easier. After attending the spring LRMS workshop, I started using the "Pick & Pull" feature for obtaining Marc records and found it to be very easy and helpful, especially when using the ISBN number. I always appreciate the high level of respect that I receive from Al & Trish Szerlong.

Carolyn H.

I work as a librarian in a Residential Center.

I, therefore, have a small and somewhat unusual library. The library currently contains books in forty-nine (49) languages. I could not manage without my Library Resource Management System and all the upgrades, updates, etc. LRMS, Inc. provides me with on a daily basis. I am able to generate an overdue list for every day of the week. They also provide me a way to daily update my borrower list. Without the daily update to my list through the borrower management area I would be totally in the dark toward knowing what residents left the unit the previous night and who the new residents are. I can not say enough about the G3/G4 Easy Cir system.

When I leave my job at the end of the day I am relieved by an untrained officer. The system is so easy that all I have to do the next morning is place the books on the shelf. I seldom incur an officer who can not use the Kiosk system. I continue to use a vast majority of the LRMS, Inc. software to maintain my library and the associated record keeping that goes along with the position of Librarian. Keeping up with missing books is so simple with the missing inventory section located in the Report division that I can almost instantly tell my supervisor how many books in each language may be missing along with the replacement cost.. There are no finer people to work with than those with LRMS.

The Szerlongs' and their staff are exceptional people to work with. They have always been there for me and I feel as if they always will be. They give me the personal attention I need for any detail that I do not understand and have trouble comprehending. I am very biased toward the host system because of the ease in having the support staff come on board to see exactly what problem I may be incurring.

Money spent for the G3/G4 system is an investment in preventing library problems and having current information at hand when needed.

Frances W.
Residential Center Librarian

Dear Al, Trish, and all of your hard working workers at LRMS, Thank you so much for all you do. You have been with me since I first automated my library in whatever year that was. From the beginning, your support has been outstanding. I have enjoyed all of the upgrades through the year, and your commitment to improve and make things simpler for us librarians.

I know that whenever I need assistance, you are only a phone call away, and provide immediate feedback. I look forward to many more years of working with you all.

Rhonda C.
District Librarian

I can’t say enough to thank Al and Trish with G4, they are both so helpful when it comes to resolving any issues I have quickly, courteously, and professionally. As a new librarian the friendly one on one service the G4 staff provides when issues do arise is greatly appreciated.

Vicki G.
District Librarian

I have been using G3 (now G4) for nine years and it is very easy to use. The staff at LRMS has designed a system that you can do it yourself and they are always updating the program to make it easier for us to use. They have helpful guides with step by step instructions and if you can't do it alone they are always available to help you. Thanks for all your help.

Iliana O.

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of the our Public Library we would like to give support to LRMS, Inc. for their outreach with the software program they have to offer. When we were deciding on a software program to start our automation system we looked at many programs and chose to go with LRMS.

Since the beginning (1999), they have been very supportive in helping with the setup and training on the use of the software. Now, LRMS has gone further to aid the librarians and their needs. They have updated their software to accommodate the needs that were requested by the librarians (for who would know better than the librarian). LRMS has been very generous to Cross Plains Public Library in offering us a grant to update our system. In addition to this, we were able to receive a grant from Tocker Foundation for the new computers, printers and fax to accommodate the use of the new software.

We have found that the new program is more reliable and are more flexible to cover many areas of use from just one screen. It saves me time and effort of research whenever needed on a patron, book, fine or overdues.

The idea of training for the use of the software by internet saves time in traveling to sessions by learning from the librarian's own desk and the one on one sessions gives ample opportunity to answer personal questions to problems or use of the program. The program is new to us and we are still in training in the use of G3, but we can say that at this point we are very impressed with the versatility of the program and how much more it works to our benefit and time. LRMS has the best tech support in helping with problems.

Our library is part of the Big Country Library System and they use the TANG grant to have computer techs to help us with the computer problems, etc. Our tech has on many occasions has contacted the LRMS support team to get information to help him in setting our system up and working to benefit us and LRMS. Our tech has stated many times that LRMS has a better working relationship to customers than any other programs he has worked with at other libraries.

To us, this is very important to know that the support is there and is quick to respond. Personally, as Library Director, I have found that LRMS has a Big heart for libraries and librarians and they will stand behind what they say and will do the job right.

Cherry S. - Retired
Library Director

"I have been working with the LRMS staff since 2001, and the company has grown and adapted to the ever-changing needs of the libraries and library media specialists that the company serves. The company prides themselves on providing superior service and a personal approach to customer support. It is comforting to know many staff members at LRMS personally and to know that each member of the company is dedicated to making each library database it serves secure, successful, and effective entities. LRMS offers solutions and ideas for improving library databases and provides multiple options for continuing automation education for librarians and library staff. I would be happy to recommend the LRMS G4 automation system to my peers."

Karen K.
Library Media Specialist

LRMS has been an outstanding company that completely supports the needs of the library. My questions are answered (and actually acted upon) when I ask them. When we joined the the LRMS team, we became part of a professional group that valued what you as the consumer had to say. Some of my suggestions, in the early years, were adopted. I say "in the early years" because their expertise has gone beyond my knowledge of what more this system could offer. My life as a librarian (and as a living, breathing human being) keeps getting better and better because of the LRMS team and the Szerlong family.

Thank you to you all.
Peace...........Sam M.

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